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Restaurants in San Francisco, California

Recommended restaurants in San Francisco

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United States San Francisco Middle Eastern
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Arabi at Rincon Annex
Arabi at Rincon Annex

(43 reviews)


β€œYou've got your pick of Persian spots in West wood, but Scheherazade is the place I keep coming back to time and again. A lot of it has to do with consistency. Sometimes I eat in and other times, I order delivery, but every time, the food is exactly what you expect.”

King of Falafel
King of Falafel

(15 reviews)

β€œThis place serves the best falafel I've had in San Francisco. Full stop. I love it. The baklava rocks too. If you're at Mount Zion and looking for food, look no further. ”

Paulie's Pickling
Paulie's Pickling

(4 reviews)

β€œDarci is amazing.”

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