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“I went during the week last Thursday with my two sons. We had a warm welcome before we even walked into the building. We had such a good experience I wanted to take my husband and boys again on Saturday night august 1st we went in around 5:30pm. We wanted to try the drive thru because our youngest was falling asleep in his car seat. I wanted a multi flavored sorbet I had the other day. I couldn’t remember the name of it so I asked what sorbet they had. She only named off one flavor, and I knew that wasn’t the one I had. The outside does not name off the flavors they have. So we decided to just come in. The has the one I wanted but the girl did not mention it. When we walked in we did not get a greeting. We received two half grins and rolling eyes from two teenage girls. When I said what I wanted I looked at her and told her and pointed to the ice cream. She looked At me and asked me to repeat myself twice. After I ordered mine I took my youngest out to the car. I was just annoyed by how they had treated us. When my husband come out the first things out of his mouth was WOW looks like they have some untitled teenagers running that place who need some serious training in customer service. I agreed and we went home.I understand that our experience was not some awful situation, but if you have staff working for your business you should probably make sure they at least greet the customers with a hello when they walk in the door. They should also know what product they have available for sale.”

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