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Sullivan Restaurant
Sullivan Restaurant

(83 reviews)

β€œAwesome food and service. Even gave me a Clorox wipe on a plate after I signed my reciept!”

Great Wok Restaurant
Great Wok Restaurant

(59 reviews)

β€œWithout a doubt this is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in Orange County. My recommendations are Garlic Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp, and any of their soups. I would avoid the Orange Chicken as it's not as good as say Panda Express or PF Chang's. The dishes Mark spicy can be very spicy, but they will reduce the hotness/spicyness to whatever level you want. Their portions are a very good size, the service is excellent, and the restaurant itself has a great ambiance and is very clean.I love this restaurant and frequent it often.”

Lee's Lucky Wok
Lee's Lucky Wok

(55 reviews)

β€œIt's what you'd think but maybe less. Everything tasted okay. Truly could not taste the difference between the Orange and Sweet and Sour chicken. Fried rice was good. Chow Mein is okay, although I'm always searching for a Panda style equivalent. It was just overall underwhelming. Less than Panda. Less than Gongs (nearby). Just not that great. However, the cream cheese won tons were good. It just still all seemed very cheap and low quality.”

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