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Taco Bell
Taco Bell

(300 reviews)

β€œI ordered the #6 combo which is 2 supreme chicken chalupas and a taco with no lettuce.... the order was correct but the 2 chalupa shells were hard like they were cooked 2 days ago there was only 2 little strips of chicken on one and 1 1/2 pieces of chicken on the other one they both only had 2 little tomatoes a lot and I mean a lot of sour cream and like barely any cheese at all and they were suppose to be supreme. I might as well have said a crunchy taco instead of a soft one because the soft taco shell was hard like it’d been sitting out over night. I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!”

El Tepame Mexican Restaurant
El Tepame Mexican Restaurant

(328 reviews)

β€œGood food, fun atmosphere.”

Casa Don Pedro
Casa Don Pedro

(20 reviews)

β€œMy wife and I went today for lunch. We were the only customers there for the entire stay. I assume it was during the time U.T was having a home game as to why there was no one else there. So let's start. The guy working was great. Checked on us frequently. The food was not hot. It was warm, but good. The taco's were just meat and cheese and very little of both. The lettuce and tomato were on the side. We had originally went for the salsa bar which we didn't know had been discontinued some time back. The bathrooms could use some attention. There is no latch on the men's stall door. I give it three stars for the guy working there was great but if not for that I would have given 2 stars.”

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