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Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois

Recommended restaurants in Chicago

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United States Chicago Caribbean
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Cousins Grill
Cousins Grill

(108 reviews)


“First and last time i go to this restaurant. I ordered a jibarito and it was soggy and gross the arroz con gandules had no flavor. Didnt even even offer a refund what of waste of my money”

Caribbean Jerk Palace
Caribbean Jerk Palace

(216 reviews)

“The food was delicious! I ordered through doordash and it was ready earlier than I expected. Food was so bomb!!!!”

14 Parish
14 Parish

(20 reviews)

“I honestly don’t know why this has 4.5 stars. We waited nearly 15 minutes to pickup food that we had to call multiple times to order. After that, it was another 5-10 minutes before we got our food. Now, I thought it was gonna be good, it has 4.5 stars on Google after all. But, the chicken was bone dry and though it seemed vigorously seasoned, didn’t really have much flavor. The rice and beans were also very dry. The redeeming grace was the catfish was far more edible. I’m very underwhelmed by my experience.”

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