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Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois

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United States Chicago Latin
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1492 Cuban Fusion Cafe
1492 Cuban Fusion Cafe

(631 reviews)

β€œThe food is absolutely amazing! The waitress was mindful and abiding by safety guidelines throughout my visit!! There were consistent check ins to make sure the order was correct and that the food was received promptly! This restaurant is absolutely unique in its decor, kind service, and flavors!!!!”

La Palma Puerto Rican Restaurant
La Palma Puerto Rican Restaurant

(193 reviews)


β€œThe. Best. Puerto Rican Restaurant. Hands. Down. I have been going to this place since I was a kid and every time has been an explosion of flavor in my mouth. I sadly don't live in Chicago anymore but every time I go to visit my mom we have to stop by. It's small and quaint. The staff is always very nice and it's just a great place to dine in.”

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